new beginnings.

h e l l o ,  n e w   f r i e n d s .  i've been blogging over at coming home for a little over four years, i've decided it's time for a new little space and here, uncharted waters + undreamed shores.  

this is going to be life as i know it. i plan on sharing that which i create (whether it's in the kitchen, through the camera or digitally and through my hands in graphics) and i'm going to talk about my beautiful and wonderful Jesus and how He works and moves and lives in my life, after all, this isn't even my life, it's His and He is worthy. 

and as shauna niequist once said - "my life is a story about who God is and what He does in a human heart."

so, this is a journey of His grace in my life and of seeking + finding, because He has promised (Matthew 7:7).  
xoxo.  - marcia